Inexpensive Correspondence Cards, printed with your name and address, in a variety of styles

Such a perfect way to communicate without any bother - just use as a postcard or add envelopes to your order

What are the benefits of using printed correspondence cards, compared to sending a letter?

Correspondence cards are EASY to use. Keep a stock in your desk and use with or without envelopes. If you want to write a letter, you have to find some suitable paper and an envelope to fit. Our printed correspondence cards already carry your name and contact details, so you can scribble a very brief note and pop in the post - with or without an envelope. We supply envelopes with the cards if you wish. Our cards are standard postcard size (A6 - 148mm x 105mm - 6" x 4" approx). The envelopes, if you require them are C6 size white, diamond flap, heavy weight gummed envelopes.

Examples of correspondence card uses

Who uses printed correspondence cards?

Almost everyone, it seems. We supply them to doctors, dentists, florists, councillors, Members of Parliament, Vets and people just like you and I. They are so incredibly useful, you will wonder how you ever managed without them.

Do they make a suitable gift?

Indeed they do. Correspondence cards make a perfect, useful gift that everyone will be very glad to receive. Simply let us know the lucky recipient's name and address and we will send them direct. There are no delivery or carriage charges as we deliver FREE! There is no price details on the packing note either so they won't know how much you paid - just who ordered the cards.